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Treat your Sleep Apnea without Mask

It is roughly estimated that nearly 28 million Americans are suffering from sleep apnea. In this sleep disorder, a patient gets repeated awakenings and pauses in breathing during sleep, sometimes resulting in loud snoring and gasps for air. To treat this disorder, many sleep specialists are referring C.P.A.P, which is also known as continuous positive airway pressure.

Under this sleep disorder treatment, a mask is worn by a patient at night, which pushes air into the nasal passages, enabling easier breathing. This medical procedure helps reducing and completely prevents episodes of sleep apnea in some cases. With the recent studies, you will get to understand the numeric figure of the patients who have been prescribed C.P.A.P. machines and how many of them have stopped using it in one to three weeks.

This machine is one of the most important equipments in the sleep lab, but once the patient is left for his home, there is a high chance a patient won’t use it. However, the mask is quite bulky, big and obtrusive, due to this reason; most of the patients either remove this mask or refuse to wear it while asleep.

However, an alternative form of C.P.A.P, Provent, is gaining popularity since it is easy to handle, small and compact. This small patch fits over the nostrils and holds two small plugs, one for each nostril, that create just enough air pressure for keeping the airways open during sleep. Though, it is bit expensive than the traditional C.P.A.P. machines but it doesn’t work for every patient with sleep apnea.

This machine is approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Even sleep specialists consider it as a new weapon to use in the battle against sleep apnea and patients with sleep apnea call it a godsend. If you search online, you will find that there are many cases that found improvement after using it.

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For those, who have never used it before, Provent works like a traditional C.P.A.P. machine but size makes the difference. It is a fact that when a person with apnea falls asleep, their throat muscles collapse, constricting the airway and causing the body to fight for air, but with the help of C.P.A.P. machines, a patient can get mild air pressure to keep the airway from constricting.

So, it is important to consult the sleep specialist and get the best sleep disorder treatment in Alaska

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